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The Loremaster of Legion achievement is required by both the Loremaster and Broken Isles Pathfinder achievements. The Broken Isles Pathfinder is required to use flying mounts in the Broken Isles zones, so if you played during the latter half of Legion you likely already have this one completed.


If you did not play WoW towards the end of Legion, then odds are you do not have this achievement already. The main story of the Legion leveling content revolved around collecting the 5 Pillars of Creation: powerful titan artifacts that are the key to defeating the Legion invasion of Azeroth.

Four of the Pillars are awarded after completing the major quest chains in each the Legion leveling zones: Azsuna, Stormheim, Val’sharah, and Highmountain. However, each of the zones had more content than just the primary Pillar of Creation quests. After getting the Pillar of Creation in each leveling zone, Khadgar sends you right on after the next one. So, unless you specifically went out of your way to complete the zone Loremaster achievements, you probably need to finish them up. The WoW Loremaster Calculator will tell you exactly which zones you need to complete and which character you should use to do it.

Screenshot of the Pillars of Creation in Dalaran

The fifth Pillar of Creation is in Suramar. Technically, the fifth Pillar of Creation is discovered during the Nighthold raid, which is not required for the Loremaster of Legion achievement. However, you do have to complete the Suramar zone achievement: Good Suramaritan.

A Word About Suramar

Something's not quite right The Suramar storylines will be the most time-consuming part of this process, having nearly twice as many quests as the other Legion zones. In addition to the raw number of quests you will need to complete, you will also have to kill Xavius in the Emerald Nightmare raid as well as grind up your rep with the Nightfallen faction. This can be a bit of a drag if you are trying to power through Loremaster as quickly as possible.

Despite the time commitment required by Suramar, the story telling is truly the best this game has to offer. The Suramar story line is this amazing mix of political intrigue and struggling underdog rebellion that would feel at home in a single player gaming experience. Suramar is something special that everyone who plays WoW should experience. However, like the epic Onyxia attunement, once is enough.

Where to Start

Highlord Gunric on the Paladin order hall mount To get started with the Loremaster of Legion quest lines, you will first have to make some progress on the Legion Class Order Hall quests. After you obtain your first artifact weapon from you class quest lines you will be able to get the quests to start progressing on the primary Legion zones. The Class Order Hall quests themselves do not count towards the Loremaster of Legion achievement, but they all offer a different take on the Legion story line.

If you are of a mind, there are some other achievements and cosmetic rewards from the Legion Class Order Hall content. Upon completion of the main Class Order Hall quest line you will be rewarded with class-specific titles:

Death Knight
Demon Hunter
Arch Druid
High Priest

If you are feeling ambitious, you can also complete the Broken Shore Legionfall campaign for the class-specific mounts. Just like the Order Hall campaign titles, you must complete the quest chain on each character you want the mount on.

Legion Zone Achievements

Azsuna Matata
Level Range
98 - 110
Total Quests
Alliance: 249 Horde: 248
Behind Legion Lines
Azsuna Versus Azshara
Against the Giants
Defending Azurewing Repose
Vrykul Story, Bro
Level Range
98 - 110
Total Quests
Alliance: 167 Horde: 166
The Trial of Will
The Trial of Valor
The Trial of Might
To Helheim and Back
The Champion of Stormheim
The Aftermath
Secrets of the Shieldmaidens
Greymaine's Gambit
That's Val'ssharah Folks!
Level Range
98 - 110
Total Quests
Alliance: 143 Horde: 143
Archdruid of the Claw
Archdruid of Lore
Black Rook Hold
All Nightmare Long
Into the Nightmare
Archdruid of the Vale
Ain't No Mountain High Enough
Level Range
98 - 110
Total Quests
Alliance: 185 Horde: 196
The Skyhorn Tribe
The Bloodtotem Tribe
The Rivermane Tribe
Secrets of Highmountain
Battle of Snowblind Mesa
Huln's War
Good Suramaritan
Level Range
110 - 110
Total Quests
Alliance: 380 Horde: 383
Tidying Tel'anor
Jandvik' Jarl
Breaking the Lightbreaker
Moon Guard Stronghold
Eminent Grow-main
An Ancient Gift
The Waning Crescent
A Growing Crisis
A Change of Seasons
Blood and Wine