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Loch Modan Quests: Loremaster guide for Loch Modan

Updated for World of Warcraft Battle for Azeroth 8.0.1 Loch Modan Guests Guide

This guide will help you get started working on your Loch Modan Quests achievement. Make sure you first check the WoW Loremaster Calculator to see if you have already started making progress on quests in Loch Modan.

Lock Modan is the traditional 2nd quest zone for Dwarves. As such, it is only available to Alliance characters. The Loch Modan Quests achievement is linked with the Ghostlands Quests achievement, meaning that you only need tom complete one of these for The Loremaster. The dam that created the loch for which Loch Modan was named was famously destroyed in the Cataclysm cinematic when Deathwing caused the Sundering.

Getting to Loch Modan

Location of Loch Modan on the Eastern Kingdoms map. The Lock Modan zone is located to the northeast of Dun Morogh. The best way to get there is to take a portal to Ironforge and either fly there or walk out of the gates of Ironforge and take the road heading east.

Pain Points

These quests have generated the most questions, comments, and general frustration on the forums.

Explorers' League Document (1 of 6) (Wowhead | WoW DB)
This is the first quest in a chain that will have you collecting scrolls hidden all over the zone. The coords for all of the documents are:
  • 1 of 6: 37.0, 61.3
  • 2 of 6: 41.4, 39.0
  • 3 of 6: 61.7, 73.2
  • 4 of 6: 68.1, 66.1
  • 5 of 6: 53.7, 38.1
  • 6 of 6: 73.2, 35.9
Protecting the Shipment (Wowhead | WoW DB)
While nobody loves any escort quest, this one is special. There are two things to watch out for with this one:
  1. Stay with the dwarf who gives you the quest. At some point, the other NPC with him will run off. Just let him go.
  2. Don't kill Saean righ away. During the escort you will get ambushed by dark iron dwarves. You have to let the one named Saean get a few hits on the dwarf you are escorting, or the quest will bug out. If you do kill him right away, then nothing happens you have to abandon the quest and pick it up again.
The Lost Pilot (Wowhead | WoW DB)
You pick this quest up on the road between Dun Morogh and Loch Modan, but that NCP you are looking for is back in Dun Morogh. Unfortunately, he was killed by a giant bear named Mangeclaw. RIP little buddy. The next step in the quest chain is to deal with the bear, and that can be a bit of a challenge for low level characters without heirlooms, so proceed with caution.
Vyrin's Revenge (Wowhead | WoW DB)
This quest isn't challenging, but it is depressing. You are sent to kill the bear Ol' Sooty. After the deed is done you notice 3 bear cubs that are now left for dead. You monster.


Lock Modan quests are only available to Alliance characters.


The Road to Thelsamar

Location of Thelsamar Blood Sausages
Location of Thelsamar Blood Sausages
The The Road to Thelsamar quest chain starts with Thelsamar Blood Sausages (Wowhead | WoW DB) . Fun fact: this is likely the source of the "20 bear asses" meme that lampoons traditional RPG and MMO fetch quests.


Credit for The Road to Thelsamar will be given after completing Looking for Lurkers (Wowhead | WoW DB) . Because this wouldn't be a video game if we didn't have to kill giant spiders.

Axis of Awful

Location of Who's In Charge Here?
Location of Who's In Charge Here?
The Axis of Awful quest chain starts with Who's In Charge Here? (Wowhead | WoW DB) . This quest becomes avaialble after completing Kobold and Kobolder (Wowhead | WoW DB) . If you are attempting this as an approrpirately leveled character it can be a bit of a challenge to kill the boss and his two adds.


Credit for Axis of Awful will be given after completing the quest Axis of Awful (Wowhead | WoW DB) . If you watch the RP that happens after you use the Potent Murlock Pheromones on him you will get a Firefly reference.

The Farstrider Lodge

Location of Wing Nut
Location of Wing Nut
The Farstrider Lodge quest chain starts with Wing Nut (Wowhead | WoW DB) .


Credit for Farstrider Lodge will be given after completing Skystrider's Heart (Wowhead | WoW DB) . Warning: this is one of those quests where the text tells you that you have to collect an item, but after you interact with the quest object you don't actually get an item. So don't freak out if the quest item never shows up in your bags.

Twilight Threats

Location of Servants of Cho'gall
Location of Servants of Cho'gall
The Twilight Threats quest chain starts with Servants of Cho'gall (Wowhead | WoW DB) . Any ogre in the quest area counts for this quest.


Credit for Twilight Threads will be given after completing The Winds of Loch Modan (Wowhead | WoW DB) . Congratulations to the little dude flying off into the sunset, and congratulations to you on completing Loch Modan Quests!