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Ghostlands Quests: Loremaster guide for Ghostlands

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This guide will help you get started working on your Ghostlands Quests achievement. Make sure you first check the WoW Loremaster Calculator to see if you have already started making progress towards this achievement.

The Ghostlands was added in the Burning Crusade as the 2nd Blood Elf leveling zone. As such, it is only available to Horde characters. The Ghostlands Quests achievement is linked with the Loch Modan Quests achievement, meaning that you only need to complete one of these two achievements for The Loremaster.

Getting to Ghostlands

Map of the northern part of the Eastern Kingdoms showing Ghostlands The Ghostlands is located to the south of Eversong Wood. The quickest way to get there is take a portal to Silvermoon and start heading south. If you are completing these quests on a max level character, you will quickly notice that flying has not yet been implemented for Silvermoon, Eversong Woods, or the Ghostlands.

Pain Points

These quests have generated the most questions, comments, and general frustration on the forums.

The Traitor's Destruction (Wowhead | WoW DB)
This quest is a reminder that this is some of the oldest content still on the live servers. Back in the day, some quest content was designed to not be completed solo. This one is particularly nasty, since it assumes that the player(s) fighting the boss have access to the Blood Elf racial silence. Which is great immersive game design if you are playing on a Blood Elf, less great if you are a race/class combination without access to a spell interrupt in your toolkit. The boss casts a fear that will send you into adds, and your likely death. You have to somehow interrupt that fear in order to make it through the fight.
Wanted: Knucklerot and Luzran (Wowhead | WoW DB)
Both mobs you have to kill for this quest are elite, and can be dangerous for players attempting this quest on appropriately-leveled characters. The first challenge is finding the mobs, since they both follow different patrol routes through the zone. Luzran can be found walking the scar around the Bleeding Ziggurat. Knucklerot can be found on the road around the Hollowing Ziggurat. As with The Traitor's Destruction (Wowhead | WoW DB) , you will want to bring a friend with you if possible. This is required if you are trying to level without using heirlooms.
Bring Me Kel'gash's Head! (Wowhead | WoW DB)
Difficult elite quests seems to be the theme of the Ghostlands. Kel'gash the Wicked is a tough mob to solo, and is another one that requires the players to interrupt a spell cast. If you are playing on a Blood Elf that is not a problem, but with other race/class combinations that do have access to a spell interrupt this will be a challenge.


Ghostlands quests are only available to Horde characters.


Citizens of Tranquillien

Location of the quest giver for Inventigate An'daroth'
Location of Investigate An'daroth
The Citizens of Tranquillien quest chain starts with Investigate An'daroth (Wowhead | WoW DB) . This quest this quest will become available only after you are friendly with the Tranquillien rep.


Credit for Citizens of Tranquillien will be given after completing Deactivate An'owyn (Wowhead | WoW DB) . Low drop rate warning: the Crystal Controlling Orb you need to complete the quest has a very low drop rate. Be prepared to kill 20+ mobs in order to get it to to drop.

Dar'Khan Drathir

Location of the quest giver for Report to Captain Helios
Location of Report to Captain Helios
The Dar'Khan Drathir quest chain starts with Report to Captain Helios (Wowhead | WoW DB) . The location of this quest giver moved during the Legion 7.3.5 quest zone update.


Credit for Dar'Khan Drathir will be given after completing Troll Juju (Wowhead | WoW DB) . You should complete this quest at the same time as Investigate the Amani Catacombs (Wowhead | WoW DB) . Don't forget to pick up Escape from the Catacombs (Wowhead | WoW DB) while you are in the cave. You will need both to finish off the zone.

Farstrider Enclave

location of The sanctum of the Sun
Location of The Sanctum of the Sun
The Farstrider Enclave quest chain starts with The Sanctum of the Sun (Wowhead | WoW DB) . You must be at revered rep with Tranquillien for this quest to become available. It sounds like a lot, but all of the Ghostlands quests give you enough rep that if you do them in order it won't be an issue.


Credit for Farstrider Enclave will be given after completing War on Deatholme (Wowhead | WoW DB) . This quest can be a bit brutal so solo on an appropriately leveled character. There are a lot of mobs in the quest area and it is easy to pull adds. Once you get through this last quest you will have your Ghostlands Quests achievement.