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Frequently Asked Questions

Does WoW Loremaster Calculator require access to my Blizzard account?
Nope! As long as you are willing to search for all of your characters by Realm and character name, there is no reason whatsoever to allow WoW Loremaster Calculator access to your WoW profile data. The only benefit to granting the application access to your WoW profile is that it can populate your list of characters automatically. If you only have a handful of characters, it is probably easier to add them by Realm and character name. If you are close to the 50 character limit, it will save time to allow WoW Loremaster to pull that list of characters for you.
What happens when I allow WoW Loremaster Calculator access to my WoW profile?
When you allow an application access to your WoW profile data, the application cannot see your password, allow anyone else to log in as you, or make any changes to your Blizzard Account. An application granted access to your profile this way can only do 2 things:
  1. Read your Battletag name
  2. Retrieve your WoW character list
What if I change my mind?
If at any time you no longer want an application to have access to your Blizzard account profile, you can revoke that access from within your Blizzard account Security & Privacy settings.
Where did you get the quest numbers from?
Determining the number of quests required for each achievement is not an exact science. The quest counts shown on WoW Loremaster reflect the total available quests that take place within each zone; not every quest is required for Loremaster. Therefore, WoW Loremaster's quest counts may be slightly higher than what you actually have to complete for each zone achievement, but the overall result is the same: the character that has completed the most quests in each zone is the one that is closest to completing that zone's achievement.