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WoW Loremaster

WoW Loremaster

Your source of WoW Loremaster information, guides, and progress calculator updated for World of Warcraft Battle for Azeroth 8.0.1.


WoW Loremaster calculates how many quests each of your characters has completed in the Loremaster-eligible zones and uses that information to track your account-wide progress. More importantly, it tells you what character to use to finish off each zone.

To use this utility you can either:

  1. Search for each of your characters by Realm and character name
  2. (Optional) Sign into your Blizzard account and authorize WoW Loremaster Calculator to read your World of Warcraft profile

My Characters

1. Add by Realm & character name
2. (Optional) Authorize WoW profile data

This allows WoW Loremaster Calculator to pull your list of characters automatically. See the FAQ for more details.

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