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WoW Loremaster

About WoW Loremaster

WoW Loremaster was created and is maintained by Erinnar. I have been an on-again, off-again WoW player since 2006 and have accumulated an account full of alts. Since it was introduced, I have always wanted the Loremaster achievement, but I never seem to find the time to finish it. As time goes on and new expansions are added, that target gets further and further away.

The WoW Loremaster Calculator began life as a PowerShell script. I wanted to know what character to use to finish off each achievement. Sure, I could have logged into each character and just checked how progressed they were in each zone, but as any good programmer can tell you: never do manualy in an hour what you can automate in a week. The end result was so satisfying to see that I wanted to share it with others. So WoW Loremaster was created.

Screenshot of Sergeant Major Errinar

What is Cronco Software?

Cronco Software LLC is the small business I use for freelance IT consulting and development work on the side, in addition to working a normal 9-5.


Cost to maintain a website like this are not astronomical, but they do add up. Please consider supporting the site by tossing a few dollars my way on PayPal using the "Buy me a Beer" button bellow. The proceeds will go towards web hosting, and if there is enough support, to actually buying me beer.


Questions? Comments? Concerns? Reach out to me at Erinnar@WoWLoremaster.com.